This Swatching Thing is Slow Going.

This Swatching Thing is Slow Going.


All things going smoothly, a swatch usually doesn’t take that long to do …

But when things start going awry, you end up taking about 4 times as long.

I am 20 rows from finishing the scallop part of the swatch, and the pattern is easy, the yarn is lovely, and the beading isn’t difficult.  But it does help to NOT lose your teeny tiny crochet hook that you’re using to put the beads on with, or spill size 11/0 beads over your carpeted floor.

I was hoping to have this section of the swatch finished yesterday, but for the most part of it I was on hands and knees picking up itsy beads, and then searching for the crochet hook.

I only have 20 rows left in this section, so fingers crossed I can get that done tonight!

One thought on “This Swatching Thing is Slow Going.

  1. I feel your pain on the spilled beads. I dumped mine out at least twice (once in the car) and my 15 month old son kept shaking the bead container like maracas and then opening them and flinging beads every where. So I picked up beads over and over and over…

    I love your idea of making two segments and grafting them together to make a scarf. I actually had thought of offering that as a side pattern to this one. Great minds must think alike.

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