If You Like Roller Derby …

If You Like Roller Derby …

I found out yesterday that my sister has a blog!

“Skate Wise, Turn Left!”

She’s a Roller Derby girl, and has founded TWO leagues over the past few years.  She is blogging about her Derby efforts, and personal journey.  She’s a bit of a hardass, loves her family, has a few tattoos, she’s strong and has a hugely infectious smile.

My sister is in the front, under the A

She wrote in her blog:

15. My sister and I have a strange relationship. I love her, but I hate her at times too. I know I piss her off and she does me too – but when we need one another there is no doubt that any fight we’re going through is thrown to the wind and we would rush to one anothers side.

We do have a strange relationship, but I admire her courage on a daily basis.


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