Social Browser Review 2 – Flock

Social Browser Review 2 – Flock

Further to my interest in Social Browsers, I loaded Flock.  I’d had such a good run with RockMelt that I had fairly high hopes for Flock as it’s been around for about 5 years.

The latest version (3.0) is also Chromium based, where as previous versions have been Firefox based.




  • “Cloud” storage means that you can log into any PC that has Flock installed and have all your settings already there
  • Does not require Facebook to use
  • Clean interface


  • Due to activity side bar, your viewing screen is reduced by about 200px
  • Sidebar is constantly active, so if you step away from your computer, you have to scroll back
  • Must have a Flock account to take advantage of the Cloud feature
  • No Google search in address bar area
  • Issues loading certain pages with Java
  • Issues logging in to my blog



I was not as enamoured with Flock as I had been with RockMelt, even after only a day.

I found it a bit clunky, and the fact I had issues loading pages was very annoying.

Without some major changes, I don’t think that this is the browser for me.

** NB: I used both browsers with no addons or extensions.

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