Thoughts on Tresses

Thoughts on Tresses

It’s come to the time where something needs to be done with my hair. I tend only to get my hair cut 2-4 times a year, as it really doesn’t grow that fast, and it’s in pretty good condition. But at least once a year I do a really big ‘change’, whether it be colour, or cut.

My hair is currently past my shoulders, a dullish chocolate brown colour, and whilst I can keep up the front shaping myself with little trims every now and again, the back of my hair is in need of some serious shaping.

I have come to the conclusion, that with the way I like to get my hair cut my hair is too fine to have it too long at the back. The very bottom either just curls back up under the rest of my hair, or it looks stringy and doesn’t quite bouffant the way the rest of my hair does. Solution? Keep it shorter!

Hair ChartSo this is the hair chart my hairdresser and I use.  It’s from the 1940’s hairstyle book.  My hair at the back is currently sitting at about 8″ long.  And given the U shape that the back is cut in, that’s where I have my problem.

So I’m thinking of coming back to a Baby or a Middy Cut.  Not only does it give my hair a nice rounded back profile without the big U shape, but it should allow my natural curl to revitalise a little, and get it’s kick back.

The front will be long enough to pin back into rolls, or marcel wave, and as usual, I won’t get bangs cut, because on those days where I scrunch’n’go, frizzy fringes are always a bad look.

As for colour, well, red is in order!  I’ve said before that red is my go-to colour when I want something done colourwise.  I’ve been black, blonde and almost every natural colour in between (and some unnatural too), but I always gravitate towards red when I want ‘happy’ hair.

This is the red I’m considering. A cherry type of red that will be a bit of a pop without being too over the top for every day.  The only thing that I’m unsure of, is whether to go red ALL over, or do a split like this, with dark brown underneath.

I have two weeks to ponder it, and hope you will give your thoughts as to ‘all over’ or ‘split’.

Either way, cherry red….. here I come!

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Tresses

  1. wow! a hair cut chart. how high tech! great colour, but i think same all over, less maintenance maybe? youre making me rethink my decision to stay away from scissors for the entire winter and see how long i can stand it. maybe not so long after all…

    1. I was all set to grow my hair long when it was just not behaving itself.. always seems to behave when it’s shorter.

  2. So interesting! I’ve never seen a hair cut chart before – great insight into what hairdressers learn (I’ve alwasy wondered).. Also, am more than a little impressed with just how many talents you actually have – spinning, knitting, webmastering, styling, dietitioning .. big round of applause from me.

    I recognise that girl from her blog which my niece (she’s a vintage girl too) reads and loves – but personally I’m not a fan of the two toned hair. I think it kind of punks up what is meant to be a sophisticated look. But, you may differ of course and I’m sure it’ll look great on you. I love the colour – think it will be amazing on you.

    Looking forward to seeing the cherry red.

    1. Aww.. thanks sweetie! Jack of all Trades, Master of None.. LOL .. as far as the diet thing goes, I can only vouch for being able to make sense of the changes that I need to make for The Boy. The specialists and blood techs are to thank for giving me the guidelines.

      Yeah.. that’s my dilemma, do I punk it up a little, or leave it an all over and just let the red do the talking?

  3. Hmmm… well I’m all about celebrating being an individual, so I quite like the idea of the black peaking through ;D
    …either way you don’t have to sell me on cherry red, I LOVE IT!

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