Apple’s iPhone 4 & iOS 4 – My Thoughts

Apple’s iPhone 4 & iOS 4 – My Thoughts

First and foremost, I am not a fangrrl.  Up until I got my iPhone 3Gs last year, I had never owned an Apple product.  I will not be getting an iPad, and I have no thoughts of moving to a MacBook or anything.

iPhone 4

I really do like my iPhone 3Gs, it’s a great tool for both staying in touch and keeping up to date, and the games are fun.

So what’s new in the iPhone 4?  Bigger battery, faster processor, new casing, higher res screen, higher res camera, LED flash, front facing VGA camera (which will enable Wi-Fi video calls to other iPhone 4’s) and 720p video capabilities.  All very good things!  None of which I will be breaking my current 3Gs contract for.

What has me excited is the new Operating System “iOS 4”. This OS has all the features that were hoped for when the 3Gs was released, and here are my favourites.

  • Multitasking – Not having to restart games after a call, or having TweetDeck reset what I’ve read is a nice thought.
  • App Folders – FINALLY a better way to organise your apps! I think this might be my most favourite new feature.  No more swiping through pages to find the app I’m after.
  • Multi-account email organisation – This is cool, and for people with multiple email accounts, will be very handy.
  • On the move playlist creation – I can’t tell you how frustrating not being able to do ‘on the go’ playlists has been!  My Creative Zens have had this function since.. well.. as long as I’ve had MP3 players.
  • Digital zoom for photos & tap to focus for video – Nice features, and even though the zoom is digital, may prove handy.
  • Customisable wallpaper for active phone display – WOO!  Funs!

So what it comes down to, is that I don’t need the new hardware, my 3Gs is pretty pristine.  But for the 3G owners who didn’t upgrade when 3Gs came out, this is a great upgrade, hardware wise.  But the new OS is where it’s all at for me!

What will they bring out by the time my contract is up?  Well, it’ll be interesting to speculate.

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