What To Do …

What To Do …

… when I’ve done very little to blog about.

Last night with the Vivid Festival and Lou Reed’s “Slow Music” night was awesome.  HIghlights for me were the Blind boys of Alabama.  I loves me some tight harmonies.

This photo is the stage set up and where our awesome seats were.  Great view!!

Seeing the Opera House all dolled up was great too, here she is in some tight leopard print!  REOWR!

This morning was an 8am sleep in (yay!) and a lovely tea and toast provided by my MIL. Noms.

The rest of today has been chatting to friends, some mundanity we refer to as “HouseWenching”, some spinning and all out trying not to succumb to the illness that has taken a hold of the rest of the household.

What will tomorrow bring?  Who knows?

2 thoughts on “What To Do …

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately with the whole house sick, all I can hope for is some quiet time to knit or spin 😀

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