Whole Lot of Nothin’ Goin’ On.

Whole Lot of Nothin’ Goin’ On.

It’s not that things aren’t chugging along nicely, but there really isn’t much happening that’s worth blogging about.

A few of my girlfriends and I are working on a social calendar which will incorporate dressing up, drinking tea, ghost tours, knitting, Serenity and most importantly friends.

My circle of friends is something that has been undergoing some shifts, lately.  Some good, some not so great, but it is starting to become apparent just who are the friends I can rely on and count on to be honest with me.

It’s all good, however.

I found a treasure amongst my Mother-in-Law’s books yesterday.  It’s called “The Golden Dressmaker”.  It looks to be from the mid/late 50’s and is full of AMAZING patterns and opportunities.  So stay tuned for what comes out of that!

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