My Vintage Journey

My Vintage Journey

I want so very much to share my journey.

I want so very much to get back the style that I let slide away.

I want, hopefully, to inspire at least one person to take back their self and inject their life with vivacity.

Ten years ago I was a vintage styled, singing, dancing and superbly coiffed young woman.  To no fault of anyone but myself, I have become a tracksuit wearing, non-dancing semi-slob

I decided that this has to change.  I’m not happy in my own skin, I hate the clothes (or a great part thereof) in my wardrobe, I miss my “hair time”, my vintage/inspired clothes, I miss dancing and most of all, I miss a part of me that has fallen into semi-oblivion.

I have the commitment of my family to support me.  I am investing in some new ‘classic’ and yet vintage styled sewing patterns so that I can love what I see in my wardrobe every day.  I also have bought some velcro rollers, curl clips and a setting net so that my coiff can be silky smooth and bouncy.

So that’s the external stuff, right?  What about the mentality, the drive, the ambition to make *this* time the time that it works.  Well, at almost 34 I have to make the change now if it’s ever going to happen long term, right?

I plan on including lot of different things along the way.  From hair and makeup, to garments I sew for myself, bargain shopping finds, recipes and exercise triumphs!

I have no time frame, as it’s more important for this to be a lasting change.  But I do have other goals.

  • Eradicate ‘sweats’ and the like from my wardrobe.  I deserve to look fantastic every day.
  • Look after my skin better, from within as well as externally.
  • Maintain a vintage hair cut & style it every day.  NO MORE PONYTAILS!
  • Do something that makes me happy every single day.

Join me on my path from frumpy to fabulous!

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