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Unhappy with ACS!

Unhappy with ACS!

ACS, or Australian Country Spinners, is an Australian wool mill that both manufacture and import yarns that are branded Patons, Cleckheaton, Panda and Shephard.

Seasons come, trends change and there are yarns that only last a cycle or two, while others remain part of the ‘standard’ range.

However, when a new yarn is brought in that is missing from the Australian marketplace (or in this case, two), you’d think that not only would they saturate the market to pull customers away from other brands, they would also bring the yarn into the ‘standard’ range.

The two yarns I’m speaking of are Patons Merino Deluxe DK and Cleckheaton Country Silk.

Merino Deluxe DK is a machine washable merino wool that is has a very soft, next to the skin feel. Good for babies items too as it’s machine washable. The construction made it a very ’round’ yarn, with great stitch definition and a decent colour range. It also dyes brilliantly! The only yarn readily available in yarn stores that would be similar is Filatura di Crosa Zara, which RRP’s for about $3 more per ball than the Merino Deluxe DK did.

Country Silk was similar to Country, with the addition of some silk. This gave the yarn lustre, a little texture and a whole lot of depth, as silk dyes differently to wool. Was a good hard yarn (similar to Country) with a little added luxury. While not great for next to the skin, it knitted up beautifully. It was special, I don’t know of another yarn like it.

Instead, THIS winter, we are greeted with Patons yarns called “FiFi”, “Frou Frou”, “Fireworks”, “Frazzle”, “Foxy” and “Frost”.  Only 3 have any semblance of any natural fibres, while the rest is acrylic & nylon.

I know there are knitters who like sparkly yarns, or things that bear resemblance to furry puppets… I am not one of these knitters.  I like a smooth yarn that is soft and wears well.

There are other new yarns that might just be ok.  Dreamtime has been extended into 8ply, and Inca now has an 8ply version too.  Fingers crossed the Dreamtime is machine washable, as you wouldn’t be able to tell by the website, as there are no care instructions there.

I am upset, and have emailed ACS to that effect.  Have I heard back after 2 days?  No.  Am I happy?  Definitely not.