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A New Addition to the Family

A New Addition to the Family

For a few years now I’ve been yearning for a more portable spinning wheel.  Because whilst I love my Ashford Traveller, it really doesn’t travel all that well.  It’s not that it doesn’t fit in my car, but it isn’t the kind of wheel that is easy to take out and about.  Quite frankly, the thought of spinning in random public places is kind of exciting.

So started the research!  What wheel could I buy that would allow me to spin as diversely as my Traveller?  How easy is it to set up/break down for use?  What was available in the current market place?  How would cost affect my purchasing decision?  What about spare parts and repairs?

My first port of call were two wheels that are somewhat readily available in Australia.  Mostly because they’re made in New Zealand.  The Ashford Joy and the Majacraft Little Gem.  In the end, while readily available, both were a little north of my ideal price range.  I then figured if I had to look north of my price range, I may as well look at wheels from further abroad.  Louet, Spinolution, and Kromski all had suitable solutions, but I just couldn’t justify the cost.  Especially the cost of additional parts should anything go wrong!


So the search continued.  My attention turned to a little wheel, and before long, I knew that it was the right wheel for me.  It’s small, easy to set up, not difficult to repair should anything go wrong, uses Ashford bobbins, and customisable.

Say hello to my new Merlin Tree Roadbug!  Isn’t she darling?

I opted to go for the double treadle option, also snagging myself a jumbo flyer while I was at it.  Dave at The Merlin Tree was fantastic during my purchasing process.  There were many questions that were asked.   I’ve yet to decorate her, and I’m also considering a little alteration, so that the second treadle is more permanent, or at the very least I don’t have to remove it every time I want to pack up.  I have some ideas.

When I get up to all of that, it will give me a chance to give the Traveller some love.

My New Baby

My New Baby

[singlepic id=131 w=320 h=240 float=left]Well, not *really* a baby.  But she’s my new wheel.  Bought from Ebay, and picked up today.

She’s an Ashford Traveller, Double Treadle, Double Drive/Scotch Tension.  Fairly young, and has been white washed by her previous owner.

I’m thankful that it’s a newish wheel, and the price was very good.  Because the wheel needs a lot of work.  The white wash was done while partially assembled, so is splotchy and uneven.  While we’ve taken her apart and given her a wash down (she was grotty) and a light sanding, she’ll be coming apart again REAL soon for a full strip down and beautifying. But I’m working on some spinning first, you know… to make sure she works well … hehe.

She doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m sure we’ll figure that out in good time.