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There’s no clever way to use Arduino in a title.

There’s no clever way to use Arduino in a title.

Sparkfun Inventors Arduino UnoAt the end of May I attended a course on Arduino basics, run by Little Bird Electronics.  I’ve dabbled with Arduino before, but I wanted a clearer understanding on electric circuits, programming them, and what I can do with them.  I have plans, you see.

It was almost 7 hours of an information barrage!  We started with basic on/off functions, switches.  Moved into colour changes and the and/or scenario.  Resistors, switches, piezo, LEDs, screens, and so much more.  I had a little fun with some of it. The image on the right is a response to the Husband being a bit of a smartass.

arduinoscreen1 arduinobmb

I think I retained about half, which is fine.  I have the Sparkfun Inventors Kit for Arduino Uno, and the learning guide. While I’m certainly not yet confident with the programming, I’m more confident in my thinking about planning the electric circuits and the programming that I want to do.

Learning new things is always fun, and a little exciting when they push your comfort boundaries. Electronics is just one of the things on my list, what’s on yours?