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Filling out my Travelers Notebook

Filling out my Travelers Notebook

If you Google “Travelers Notebook”, you’ll get tens of thousands of hits.  Shops, reviews, blog posts, videos and all types of tutorials.  It was a bit overwhelming when I started.  I wanted direction, but there was just SO MUCH information out there.

So I dialled back the crazy and just thought about what I had been using in my ring binder.  Month, Week, Notes, Projects.  Easy, that’s three notebooks.  So off I went in search of Australian sellers, and there are loads of great options out there, just not any that fulfilled my individual needs.  So I decided to make my own.  It’s really not that hard, and for someone who used to do papercrafts, it allowed me to use some of my existing knowledge and tools.  I made two grid books, and a quarterly insert that has month view in the front, followed by week to 2 pages with a small grid notes section.

Apart from notebooks, the other things that are handy to have in a “TN” are things like a dashboard and folders and pockets of all shapes and sizes.  Dashboards are good to help protect notebooks from damage when put in bags and what not.  They’re also good to store sticky notes.  Mine is more decorative than functional, and is simply some printed pictures that have been laminated.  What I do use a lot are folders and pockets.  The “Kraft” folder, I made from a sheet of scrapbook paper.  It’s not as sturdy as actual Kraft board, or a thicker cardboard, but it does the job.  I’ve reinforced the spine with some clear packing tape, and put a clear card holder on the inside.

The tri-fold plastic pockets was interesting to make.  It’s made from a full A4 plastic letter file, which was about $2 from the Newsagents.  Some clever folding, cutting, and washi tape, and I have two full length pockets, and two shorter pockets.  This is where I keep my larger items like stamps, stickers, tabs and flags, along with some sticky notes.  This is the second one I’ve made, the first being for my regular size TN.

Lastly, for the time being, is my card holder.  I like having card slots in my TN, it gives me somewhere to put my stencils (from Paws Plan Create), small sticker sheets, glue strips and other little bits and pieces that require a little more security than a pocket.  I simply cut up an Ultra Pro TCG card sheet and taped two sections together.

There are other inserts I’m considering for it too.  I’ll just wait and see what needs arise.  That’s the great thing about planners like this, you can change the setup as your needs change.  Or chop and change the planner as it needs it.  I’m excited for this new size, and my new set up.