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It’s Not Much …

It’s Not Much …

I think little victories help when you think that you’re not suceeding in what you’re attempting to achieve.

I’ve had a rough couple of days here, nothing major, just those days where the universe (and your 3yo) think that you need a challenging day.. or three.

But I stepped on the scales this morning, and found that I have lost 2.6 kilos some time in the past month-ish.  This might not seem like much, but every time I try to exercise, I end up getting a cold or something that knocks me around.  I had certainly not expected to have lost any weight recently.  But there it is!

So I feel a little good, despite having a couple of bad days. Yay!

I’m Not a Rocket

I’m Not a Rocket

So I won’t be going from Frumpy to Fabulous in less than 60 seconds. In fact, I see this being a very long and slow transformation.

I have to start slowly, I can’t overwhelm myself with ‘mandatory changes’ or I’ll just get freaked out and won’t continue on. Baby steps are definitely the key.

My first baby step has been to make sure that every time I go out, that my hair is done and my face made up. I’m also making more of an effort to wear some of my nice shoes, rather than resorting to my Crocs all the time.

I’m hoping to be able to make myself a new dress for Christmas, I really don’t have much summer stuff in my wardrobe at the moment and it will be nice to have something new to wear.

I’m on the countdown to my hair cut, and have decided not to touch the colour just yet. I think the shorter hair by itself will be a whole new look. And quite frankly, I don’t want to freak my son out too much all at once.

On Your Marks…

On Your Marks…

It’s hard to move forward without some kind of starting point… I need to change some things, but too much at once will get overwhelming for me.

Things that are going to be the easiest to start with.

Hair – I’m going in a whole new direction with my hair.  A few months ago I was seriously considering staying a la naturale and growing it obscenely long.  But I realised, that’s really not who I am.  Going grey doesn’t bother me at all, but I like the option of being a different colour when the mood strikes.  And really long is nice if one has no intention of styling in vintage hair do’s… but I do.  So I’m going for a cut that is going to be very easy to style and to take care of.  I will take before and after shots when the time comes (appointment is later this month).  It will be versatile for up and down, casual and dressy, styled or a la naturale (I have curly hair).

Clothes – I do not love my current wardrobe.  Not just because of the size, but I have compromised the styles I enjoy wearing for whatever fits.  To combat this I’ve compiled a list of patterns that I want to buy across all of the main brands.  As they come on sale, I’m buying them slowly.  I have a stash of fabric, some of which is earmarked for special vintage patterns that I already have, once I’ve lost some of the weight I have put on over the last decade. So it will mean more fabric shopping (which I love, so that’s ok), but it also means a lot of alterations on patterns, which I don’t mind at all, because the final fit is always much better.  My biggest hurdle is sewing clothes for my current size, which I have to get over if I want to have clothes to wear now that I love.

Exercise – While heading into summer is the wrong season to start thinking about walking and getting outside (for fear of melting into a puddle), I have new joggers and some great walking routes in my area, so I’m going to get out there and pound the pavement.

So those are the three things that I can do now.