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Epic Cross Stitch Plans

Epic Cross Stitch Plans

Sometimes you need to plan an adventure into an epic project.

Currently, above our TV is a tapestry rendition of Picassos’ Guernica.  My husband’s Great Aunt worked it.  It is an amazing piece.  I don’t, however, love it as much as I used to.  It’s also starting to freak The Boy out a little.  He asked what the picture was a little while ago, trying to explain it to him, without going into too much detail has been hard.


As we’re starting to think about redecorating the house, I decided that it could probably be replaced.  None of the other tapestries that we have would really work in our loungeroom.  They’re beautiful, but just not what is right for us.

I’ve managed to convince my Husband that this might be an option.  It is the “Exploding Tardis by Van Gogh” from the Doctor Who episode “The Pandorica Opens” (New Season 5, Episode 12).  There are posters available, as well as an oil on canvas from the ABC Shop, but I wanted to make this.


My plan is to cross stitch it, then stretch it over a canvas (or I may need to build a frame).  Husband has jumped on board with the idea, so I went on the hunt for a chart and found one on Sprite Stitch.  I’ve decided on 14ct Aida as my base, and it will finish up about 85cm x 54cm.  It’s a bit smaller than what is up there now, but I still think it will be striking.  I’ve been collecting the cottons, as there are 78 colours in all, and almost 140 skeins needed.  Once the main picture is done, I will need to add a border on the four sides, so the sides of the canvas (or frame) will have some coverage.

My husband is going to adapt a tapestry frame for me so it can sit in my loom stand, it’ll make the whole process THAT much easier.  I really can’t wait to start, but there are things I have to finish first.

I can’t imagine it will be a fast project, but I am looking forward to working on it, all the same.

Am I insane?

Maybe, just a little.



TARDIS Bag Update.

TARDIS Bag Update.

Well, the pattern is traced and ready to go, the fabrics are washed, and the accoutrements are all bought. Still no movement on the actual assemblage of the bag, but I have been cross stitching my little heart out.

I started the Police Box sign on some black fabric, with what I thought was “waste canvas”.  Turned out it was twisted canvas, and I could not remove it from my work without shredding the stitching.  So I had to start over with black aida fabric, which required a little recalculation and recharting of the pattern.  It has, however, come up a dream!  I have also found some proper waste canvas, which I will use for the windows on the blue fabric.  I had thought about stitching a Seal of Rassilon on the back of the bag, but then I considered just how much the bag will rub against my clothes, I have thought better of it.  Instead, I have stitched a Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver for one of the side panels of the bag (using the waste canvas on the blue fabric).

Cross Stitch

I have recently obtained the printable fabric, so now I’m on the hunt for a good, clean image of the “Pull to Open” sign on the front of the TARDIS.  A lot of the ones I can find are either the wrong typeface, have shading, or just aren’t clear.  So the search continues!

I really should get on making my “plain” test bag, so that I’ll be ready to go with this when all the embellishments are finished.

Cross Stitch Phone Case

Cross Stitch Phone Case

Have you seen those awesome iPhone 4(s) cases that you can cross stitch on the back of? Aren’t they the coolest?!

But wait…

I have an Android phone and they don’t make them for my phone.


No!  Wait!  Do not despair!  No matter your phone, you too can have a cutie cross stitch case!

Wee Little Stitches has figured it out!  Clear silicone/rubber case, some Aida and floss and you’re set!  I know I’ll be off to the markets soon to secure one of these cases, so I can have something awesome on the back of my phone… Maybe a Nyan Cat?  Or my awesome peacock?  The possibilities are endless!!