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Well, What Can I Say?

Well, What Can I Say?

I seem to ebb and flow with my posting, don’t I?  I’ll be happily posting away, and then life throws me a curve ball and everything, especially my blog, suffers.

I have been busy, with preparations for Christmas, wrapping up my son’s school year and generally keeping my head above the proverbial  water.

Star by BexreindeerornamentI have been to a Not-Quite-High-Tea with a group of Sydney knitters, at which we had an ornament swap. I made a hyperbolic ball and a cross stitched reindeer ornament, which Lyn happened to choose. I picked up a gorgeous knitted star made by the awesomesauce Bex. It has pride of place on our little tree.

I have revisited my holiday season knitting, and the lace shawl isn’t happening right now. I have decided, instead, to continue my Nuvem shawl, as it’s easy and I really don’t have to think about it. Plus it’s red….

Tree 2011

My friend Lisa and I did a mini present swap for Christmas, too. The idea was that we’d spend around $20 on 1 metre of quilting fabric to send to each other to make a bag or something out of it. Lisa (and her son) made a great choice for me. I LOVE IT! I wasn’t so lucky with finding fabric that was perfect for her. I *did* find something else that was awesome. Lisa is a bit of a Tim Burton fangirl, and we have a great figurine shop not too far away that happened to have the ideal gift. A Jack Skellington dressed as Santa figurine set. JACKPOT. Total bonus is that she loves it.

Here is our humble tree.  We have two, one is 5 foot, and this one is a tiny 3 foot one.  Just big enough for a side table in the loungeroom.  Perfect for when we don’t really have the room to put up the bigger one.  Poor thing is more gifts than actual tree.  And yes, we have a tree tree-topper.  Stick one of the globes of the fairy lights in it and it glows.  I’d like to have more hand made ornaments, and who knows… maybe next year I will.

Apart from that, it’s been life as usual.  I hope to have more to blog about soon, but I know that next year will bring lots of projects and many more posts.

From my family to yours, have a marvelous holiday season.  Stay safe and be good to each other.

Getting In The Spirit the Vintage Grrl Way

Getting In The Spirit the Vintage Grrl Way

The Silly Season is upon us. Stores have had their decorations up for months, the shopping centres are overrun with …. “eager” shoppers and traffic is more harrowing than usual.

So how does one step away from all the hooha and just get into the spirit of the season? Once I get past the “half way through December” mark, I like to put some energy into getting into it. As we’re there, I thought I’d share my little ways of getting myself swept up with the fun side of Christmas.

Ultra Lounge: Christmas Cocktails - Volume OneTheme music

First thing I need is a good soundtrack for the season. I really can’t go past the ‘Ultra Lounge Christmas Cocktails’ compilations for the best vintage music mix. Sure, I have lots of single artist music, but the Cocktail CD’s are just what I need for a bit of seasonal mood setting.  From soft and soothing to completely funky ala cha cha.  Really makes me want to swan around in a red wiggle dress, holiday hostess apron, kitten heels and a martini.

Putting up the tree

We like to get the tree up in the first week of December.  Then it’s done and we get almost a full month’s enjoyment out of the pretty lights.  We haven’t done many other decorations through the house in years past, but I’m sure as The Boy starts going through school, there will be projects brought home that must be put up.  I’m also sure that there will be things I make especially to add some festive flavour in years to come.

TrufflesSeasonal baking

Each year I tend to make a rather large mess in the kitchen, from lavender shortbread, gingerbread men, chocolate fruitcake truffles and the like.  This year, because we’ve had so much going on I told The Husband that he could choose ONE thing for me to make.  He chose the truffles.  So this coming weekend, I’ll be donning the baking apron and getting my hands chocolatey.  Having a candy dish of these truffles out to nibble on, is just TOO decadant!

Getting Christmas purchasing/crafting done before the 20th

This is the big one.  Gone are the days where I will rush around at the eleventh hour to finish or find the perfect gift for someone.  I try to have a list started at the start of November and then work to that.  This year was the year that most gifts were hand made, so making sure I was all prepped and ready to go.  I’m happy to say that it has been the least stressful gift season to date!  Having it all done by the 20th, gives me 5 days of being able to just relax and enjoy.

So that’s how I do it.  How do you get yourself feeling all ‘in the season’?

Countdown to Christmas & Crafting

Countdown to Christmas & Crafting

Christmas HollyWhen DH’s has a birthday, it means one thing.  It’s seven weeks until Christmas!  So after celebrating his birthday, our thoughts turn to getting organised for the festive season.  For me, it means thinking about gifts and food, for DH it’s thinking about decorations and whether we put lights on the house this year.

This year we decided that we would like to give handmade as much as possible.  I love handmaking gifts.  It gives me as much pleasure to make them, as I hope the recipient gets from receiving it.  I have eleven family gifts to organise this year, and some are easier to choose for than others.  I also need to keep in mind that I don’t have that long, so the gifts need to be acheivable as well as useful.

One blog I subscribe to for crafts is Sew Mama, Sew, and it has a “handmade Christmas” month in November every year.  So I’ve been trawling through ideas for family members, and I’ve just about got it figured all out.  Even throughout the year, for birthdays or other gift giving occasions, it is a tremendous resource for inspiration.

I have just short of 6 weeks, so while I need to get a bit of a wriggle on, I’m quietly confident that I’ll finish all the gifts in time.

How is your Christmas crafting going?