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Repurpose Project – Codename: Bedside Table

Repurpose Project – Codename: Bedside Table

I’m in between bedside tables at the moment.  My old one is too big for the area I have, now that we’ve started rearranging the bedroom.  We haven’t bought new ones yet, because Husband & I can not agree on the style.  Husband still has his old one, because it fits on his side of the bed, but I’ve been using an old Ikea side table.

It is a “LACK” table, but a style that was only around for one catalogue.  More of a pot plant/fishbowl stand, than a table.  It’s only 30cm squared, and about 75cm tall.  It’s ok, but not a lot of room.  So I decided I would ask Husband to make a few shelves to install underneath, so I can have some spots to put my things of a night time.

Initially, it was going to be a basic cut and paint a few pieces of wood, seal them and that would be it.  But it turned into “LET’S PAINT THE WHOLE DAMN THING!”.  So the Boy helped me pick a colour (chose a teal type blue that highlights some of the colour in the tiffany style lamps we have), and we picked up some sandpaper.

I spent a fair chunk of the rest of the afternoon sanding and spraying the table, while Husband was cutting my shelves.  In hindsight, taking apart the pieces of the table may have been a better option, but, that would have meant actually considering taking my time with this project.  Really, I just wanted the table done ASAP.  The next day, I gave it a coat of some clear spray lacquer and then left it almost 48 hours.

Husband did a wonderful job of measuring, and installing the angle brackets to rest the shelves on.  I could barely wait to get it inside and put all my bits and pieces on it.  I put my lamp and tablet cradle on top, and installed my speaker bar on the side with a 3M strip. The first shelf is where I can put my phone to charge, along with my incidentals (like sleep mask) on it.  The second shelf will house things like my tablet cover (while the tablet is on the cradle), my bluetooth keyboard, and any book/ereader I might be reading at the time.  Lower shelf will keep my water bottle from being knocked over in the middle of the night.

Bedside Table

The colour turned out far better than I thought it would.  I think it’s a great solution, possibly a better one for me than drawers.  What is even better, is that the whole project cost under $30, allowing for the fact that the table was not being used, and the clear lacquer was already around for other projects.  Repurpose WIN!

Inspired Organisation

Inspired Organisation

In the spirit of bringing all of my things into place, I thought I’d put together a blog & project organiser. I have seen other bloggers use them with some success. Given the small financial investment needed to set one up, I have decided to give it a go.  I thought about using my tablet to do this, but I just couldn’t find a decent solution.  While I love my technology, sometimes things just need to be done with pen and paper.

Pretty FolderTaking inspiration from Wrapped up in Rainbows organiser,  I rummaged through my existing stationery before outlaying for new gear. Luckily I had an A5 folder and some A5 card in the study, I added the lined notepaper and created the sections that would suit me.

Folder Interior

Because I love my things looking pretty, I also grabbed some “spare” fabric from my stash, and covered the folder. The folder itself is still a bit of a work in progress, but I think it has started being effective already.

My goal is to use this tool to help me keep my projects in line, and my blog posts rolling with a little more frequency.


Time For a Change

Time For a Change

I’ve always felt that I’ve needed to compartmentalise my life.  Which is why I thought that I needed multiple places online to talk about different things.

But I don’t.

Which is why I’ve brought everything to one place.  All my crafty stuff, mixed in with my nerdy stuff, all my gaming, knitting, life adventure, tales of woe, and of delight in to one blog.

With my recent epiphany about my Evolution, I’ve decided that my online name “Vintage Grrl” is also redundant. I was also not happy about moving everything to “The Nerd Mama”, so here I am.. ImagiNERDtive!!!

I’m a bit excited about feeling free to post everything in one place.  No more self imposed boundaries when it comes to my hobbies.