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There’s no clever way to use Arduino in a title.

There’s no clever way to use Arduino in a title.

Sparkfun Inventors Arduino UnoAt the end of May I attended a course on Arduino basics, run by Little Bird Electronics.  I’ve dabbled with Arduino before, but I wanted a clearer understanding on electric circuits, programming them, and what I can do with them.  I have plans, you see.

It was almost 7 hours of an information barrage!  We started with basic on/off functions, switches.  Moved into colour changes and the and/or scenario.  Resistors, switches, piezo, LEDs, screens, and so much more.  I had a little fun with some of it. The image on the right is a response to the Husband being a bit of a smartass.

arduinoscreen1 arduinobmb

I think I retained about half, which is fine.  I have the Sparkfun Inventors Kit for Arduino Uno, and the learning guide. While I’m certainly not yet confident with the programming, I’m more confident in my thinking about planning the electric circuits and the programming that I want to do.

Learning new things is always fun, and a little exciting when they push your comfort boundaries. Electronics is just one of the things on my list, what’s on yours?

Injured, yet productive.

Injured, yet productive.

conniesSo I’ve been getting out dancing most weeks.  Sometimes several times per week.  There are some great little venues around Sydney these days, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself.  I solved my shoe dilemma by getting some Converse All Stars Sueded.  In the end, it cost me about the same as buying dance shoes, but they’re bright blue and fun!  I will eventually get dance shoes as well, but for now, the Converse are doing the trick.

A couple of weekends ago, I headed out to a great Inner City gig, Jump, Jive & Wail.  It’s at the Flynn Hotel and DJ’d by Limpin’ Jimmy & The Swingin’ Kitten.  Great music, good people, wonderful venue, and some good eats if you like eats.  Given I’ve been “away” for so long, the faces that I see about these days are mostly new.  There are a few faces that I remember from “the old days” (LOL), which is comforting.  I was having a really good time, chatting to some new people, enjoying the music, and a few dances.  Unfortunately my night came to a sudden and premature end.  I felt a pop, rip, and a white hot bolt of pain go through my right calf.  I tried to walk it off, but it was only making it worse.  I got myself home, limped around for the weekend and got myself to a doctor on the Monday morning.  After an inspection, and an ultrasound I found that I had a 3cm tear in one of my muscles.  JOY!  Not really.  So I have a walking stick, I’m having physio twice a week, and I’m pretty much laid up.  I won’t be dancing for a little while, I’m hoping I’ll be back en force in July or August.

Until that time I’ve decided that I’m going to be as productive as I can, whilst sitting on my butt.  I’ve got a couple of books to finish, a couple of weaving projects, a few knitting projects … you get the idea.  I have one larger weaving project that is a bit time sensitive, plus I want to free up the loom for another project that I have in mind.  In the last few days I’ve gotten quite a bit of it done, which I’m thrilled with.  I can’t share pictures … yet.  I can’t wait until I can!

Loopy Looms and Wonderful Weaving

Loopy Looms and Wonderful Weaving

Sometimes nice things happen.  Such a thing happened to me.  A gift of an Ashford Knitters Loom & Stand.  I’ve been wanting to try weaving for a couple of years now, and now I’m off and flying with it!

I started small, a little scarf which I gave to the Father in Law.  Made with Tekapo Yarn.  It came up lovely.


He’s thrilled with it, so that’s always a good sign.

I quickly warped up a second scarf for the Husband.  Cleckheaton Country yarn, in 8ply, black and white.  I got a little fancier with this one, and added a second colour.

Second Scarf


This one finished up about 24cm wide, and 230cm long (plus fringe).  It suits Husband, and he loves it.  This in itself makes me happy.

I am thoroughly enjoying weaving.  I see a lot of it in my future.