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School Holidays and Movie Making … in Minecraft!

School Holidays and Movie Making … in Minecraft!

It’s finally school holidays!  Yet I’m going to be busier than usual.  This week I’ll actually be teaching some kids how to make movies in Minecraft.  Having an avid Minecraft player at home, it was fun to look at it as an animation tool, rather than just a build game.

My husband had a bit of a play around with an idea for an animation that he’s had for a while, and we thought we’d capture a little bit of that in Minecraft, to try a few different camera and capturing ideas.

Using just a couple of extra, free pieces of software we knocked up this 1 minute example.

These school holiday courses are fairly new in Australia, and I hope they end up reaching far and wide. It’s a great way to get kids thinking outside the box (or blocks), and do something more creative with their Creative World in Minecraft.

Boardgames, Dice and Cards!

Boardgames, Dice and Cards!

tabletopMy husband and I have just about always been fairly avid video gamers, be it console or PC.  We like finding games we can play by ourselves and together.  When our son was old enough, we found games that we could all play.  As much fun as we were having, there was a gap in our gaming.  A little of that hole was filled by TCG like Pokemon, being more strategic, needing to read the cards, and do some math.

GandSlogoA few years ago a YouTube channel started up that my husband and I immediately subscribed to.  “Geek & Sundry“, which was founded by Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton (two people we both admire and whose work we enjoy).  It started with three shows, one of which was TableTop.  A show about boardgames!  Games that weren’t Monopoly, Connect 4, Operation, or Scrabble!  We were hooked, and desperate to know where we could get these games.

We quickly found out that thanks to most of these games being published overseas, we pay a lot more than our American counterparts, in most cases around double.  The other thing we found out is that over in the US most people can head to their closest Target and pick up just about any board, card or dice game they like.  For us, we have to head to a gaming specialist store.  Thankfully most of them are also online, but a few still have storefronts.  As a result of TableTop, we have been collecting games.  With the average “big” boardgame costing at least $60, it takes time.  Smaller card and dice games can range from $10 to $30, which makes it easier to add those to the collection.

RFIRedPlaying a table top game with my family really makes me happy.  It’s time spent that’s not looking at the television, computer, or other digital device.  It’s a time of togetherness, and enjoying each others company.  We like playing all types of games, from larger, time consuming, strategy board games like Ticket to Ride, to much simpler, quick play card games like Seven Dragons and Roll For It!TTR7dragonsI’ve loved sharing games with my family, and I plan on sharing my favourite games here, how they’re played and whether they’re suitable for kids.  But in the meantime, I definitely suggest watching TableTop.

Reverting to Analog

Reverting to Analog

I remember back to my days in High School, and how I always looked forward to the start of the year.  Not because I was starting another school year, but because I would get my new planner/diary for the coming year!  I loved keeping a diary, jotting notes, planning things, and generally knowing what was what.

With the advent of the digital age, pretty much everything has been put online.  I have found, though, that with everything out there in “the cloud” I have lost control of the feeling of being organised.  For a while now I’ve been looking for a solution, to bring everything back into the real world, and to try to get on top of things.  I’ve tried notebooks and diaries, but I like customisation, so I came to the conclusion that a planner/binder solution would be the best fit.  I have been umming and ahhing about what to do, without jumping in too heavily, financially.  Some of the filofaxes/dayplanners/binders can run pretty pricey!

Hblack plannerello half year sales!

I happened on the almost perfect planner at Kikki.K, it was leather, A5, well made, and on sale for under $100!  The only issue with it is that it was … well … pink.  I am many things, but a pink girl is not one of those things.  I kindly asked the sales assistant if it came in any other colours, say red, black, or navy.  I was super lucky, and not only did she find a black one, but she was able to transfer it to a store that was easy for me to collect from.  SUPER service from Kikki.K!  It only took a few days, and I was very happy.

The first thing I did was research systems, printables, and other things that “filophiles” are using.  It’s been fun watching YouTube tutorials on setups, seeing mountains of printables, both free and in Etsy shops.  I haven’t bought any at this stage, preferring to tinker with the freebies, and making my own.  It’s totally feeding my love of stationery supplies!  Pretty paper, pens, stickers, and all the other ephemera that goes with it.


It turned out that for me, the A5 was just the wrong size.  I had it set up just the way I wanted it, everything fit, and it was a good size to see everything at a glance, but it was too big and heavy to carry with me everywhere.  I needed to go smaller.  insideplannerI got lucky again at Kikki.K, and found a “personal” size on sale in a lovely teal colour.  This one definitely lends itself to being my permanent “sidekick”.  comicpageI’ve set the personal size up with a week to a view section, and monthly fold out.  The other sections in there so far are wish lists, my comic book tracker, and a bill tracker.  I have made my own dividers, and I still have plenty of room to add new sections as the need arises.  I’m still tinkering with the setup, and I am only printing off inserts as I need them.  This way I can make changes easily.  I have really loved customising and adding my own brand of geek to it.

dividersI’m finding that I am also really enjoying using it, taking notes, keeping track of my son’s school activities, noting when family members are travelling, organising things that I need to do, and just having it all in one place.  Sure, I could have that with my phone, but the planner is more palpable, and it feels like it’s what’s been missing in my life.

Since I started this adventure, I have found there is a whole culture around planners/filofaxes!  Apparently it’s not uncommon for people to have multiple planners to match outfits, or different ones for different purposes!  People are crazy for decorating, drawing, customising, and cutesying up their planners!  I found this to be amazing, but also really educational as to how far I can push my planner.  I have kitted myself out with a few nice pens, some washi tape, and a few other small things that have helped get me started.  weekandmonthI’m also hoping I may be able to find another use for the A5 planner, I would hate to see it go to waste.  If I can’t purpose it somehow, I will have to sell it.

As much as I love my tech, and all my gadgets, reverting to a paper planner has given me a sense of calm.  I feel more organised.  Where do you plan?  How do you plan?  Are you a digifan or are you a filophile?