Keeping Myself Organised

Keeping Myself Organised

When I was in high school, I loved the start of the new year because it meant I could play with new stationery and my new yearly diary. The practice lapsed after high school, and then everything went digital. And for me, this is when things started to get lost.

Last year I got back into using a paper planner. I fell in love with it all over again. It really helps keep me on track, and on top of things. I can jot down notes while I’m on the go, and the best bit is that I FEEL good about having it.

Last year, I managed to grab myself a great deal on a couple of Kikki-K ring binder planners. First an A5/Large size, and then a Personal/Medium size. I loved how customisable they are. You can move things around and add or subtract as the need arises. I also got one for my birthday this year, and I love them all. I will be finding other uses for them however, because I’ve moved to a different type of planner.

The Travelers Notebook style planner is more compact than a ring binder, and almost as open to customisation. It’s basically a group of booklets that are put into a cover. Each book is for a different thing. In mine I have the actual planner which I print up for 3 months at a time. I use a monthly and weekly spread, so I can fit 3 months in a nice little book.  I also have a few notebooks for general notetaking and projects.  Also some folders that allow me to keep a hold of loose notes and receipts etc.

I’ve just changed from a regular size “TN” to an A6 size. It’s more compact, and fits my hand and my handbag a little easier.  My regular sizes were bought second hand, but this cover I bought new.  I ordered it from Crazy Organized on Etsy, they’re based in Australia and all of her covers are made to order.  It only took a few days before my beautiful TARDIS blue Notebook cover arrived.  If I decide taht this is the size that I will keep using, I may just order myself a full art cover.

But for now, I love my TARDIS blue cover.  It’s beautiful, and I absolutely love it!


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