School Holidays and Movie Making … in Minecraft!

School Holidays and Movie Making … in Minecraft!

It’s finally school holidays!  Yet I’m going to be busier than usual.  This week I’ll actually be teaching some kids how to make movies in Minecraft.  Having an avid Minecraft player at home, it was fun to look at it as an animation tool, rather than just a build game.

My husband had a bit of a play around with an idea for an animation that he’s had for a while, and we thought we’d capture a little bit of that in Minecraft, to try a few different camera and capturing ideas.

Using just a couple of extra, free pieces of software we knocked up this 1 minute example.

These school holiday courses are fairly new in Australia, and I hope they end up reaching far and wide. It’s a great way to get kids thinking outside the box (or blocks), and do something more creative with their Creative World in Minecraft.

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