Boardgames, Dice and Cards!

Boardgames, Dice and Cards!

tabletopMy husband and I have just about always been fairly avid video gamers, be it console or PC.  We like finding games we can play by ourselves and together.  When our son was old enough, we found games that we could all play.  As much fun as we were having, there was a gap in our gaming.  A little of that hole was filled by TCG like Pokemon, being more strategic, needing to read the cards, and do some math.

GandSlogoA few years ago a YouTube channel started up that my husband and I immediately subscribed to.  “Geek & Sundry“, which was founded by Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton (two people we both admire and whose work we enjoy).  It started with three shows, one of which was TableTop.  A show about boardgames!  Games that weren’t Monopoly, Connect 4, Operation, or Scrabble!  We were hooked, and desperate to know where we could get these games.

We quickly found out that thanks to most of these games being published overseas, we pay a lot more than our American counterparts, in most cases around double.  The other thing we found out is that over in the US most people can head to their closest Target and pick up just about any board, card or dice game they like.  For us, we have to head to a gaming specialist store.  Thankfully most of them are also online, but a few still have storefronts.  As a result of TableTop, we have been collecting games.  With the average “big” boardgame costing at least $60, it takes time.  Smaller card and dice games can range from $10 to $30, which makes it easier to add those to the collection.

RFIRedPlaying a table top game with my family really makes me happy.  It’s time spent that’s not looking at the television, computer, or other digital device.  It’s a time of togetherness, and enjoying each others company.  We like playing all types of games, from larger, time consuming, strategy board games like Ticket to Ride, to much simpler, quick play card games like Seven Dragons and Roll For It!TTR7dragonsI’ve loved sharing games with my family, and I plan on sharing my favourite games here, how they’re played and whether they’re suitable for kids.  But in the meantime, I definitely suggest watching TableTop.

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