Replicated Scarf

Replicated Scarf

The Fourth Doctor’s scarf is an iconic item of Whovianism.  It is THE scarf, a scarf only the Doctor (or very serious Whovians) would wear, galavanting through space and time!

In Australia’s climate, even in the middle of winter, such a scarf is overkill.  It simply does not get THAT cold.  And when you only have about 4-6 weeks of what we would consider “cold” weather (I hear it is the equivalent of Autumn/Fall in some places), how often would you get to wear it?


Then I saw this.  Isn’t it divine!? It’s the perfect amount of Whovian for every day wear!  This one was made with a loom.  I don’t have a loom.  But I do l know how to do square stitch.  The beaders basic stitch.  So I gathered supplies.  My bead colours aren’t perfect matches for the original scarf, but they are the perfect colours to be indicative of the original, whilst still coordinating with a more “me” colour palette.

And off I went.  Bead, stitch, bead, stitch, bead, stitch … you get the idea.

I’m still NOWHERE near finished, but I do plan on having it done by the 50th Anniversary in November.


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