Android and New Opportunities

Android and New Opportunities

Being a gadget freak, and an avid Android user, one of the websites that I have in my RSS feed is Ausdroid.  At the beginning of this month, there was an open call for a new writer for the team.  Given from time to time I like to flex my writing muscles about techy stuff, I thought I’d throw an article into the ring.

My Nexus 7 mini-review on Ausdroid

I wrote up a mini-review on the new Google Nexus 7 tablet and submitted it.  Apparently it went over well, and got quite a few comments and questions.  I was quite thrilled with the response and the feedback from this article. (click image to go the article)

My Pinterest App review on Ausdroid

A few days later Pinterest released their first app for Android, alongside a new iPad app, and an updated iPhone app.  I knew I had to do a write up on it, from a Pinterest users perspective.  Almost 800 words later I had another article ready for publishing.  I approached the Dep. Editor as to whether they’d be interested in another article, and sure enough I was encouraged to submit it.  It only went up yesterday, so it hasn’t had many hits yet.  (click image to go the article)

It seems, though, that my writing style, and approach to the subjects was what they were looking for though.  I was offered to become part of the Ausdroid team, their first female member, and I accepted.

I’m very excited about this new opportunity, and I look forward to finding new and fabulous things to write about.  I will still be populating this blog with tech stuff, but all of my Android articles will be published over at Ausdroid.  Go and subscribe to their RSS for all the Aussie Androidy goodness, from yours truly and the rest of the Ausdroid team!

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