Tefal Steam Generator – Nuffnang Product Talk Review

Tefal Steam Generator – Nuffnang Product Talk Review

This a Product Talk by Nuffnang post – I didn’t receive payment for this post but I did receive a free sample to review.

I’ve never hated ironing, but it is a time consuming chore.  I’ve always been up for things that would make it easier, whether it’s an ironing spray, a new way of hanging the washing so it dries less creased or heck, even a spanky new iron!

The arrival of the Tefal Pro Express Turbo Steam Generator could not have come at a better time.  My previous “Steam Station” iron had not long given up the ghost, and I was using my Mother in Law’s standard iron that she had recently replaced.  The iron worked perfectly fine, but it just wasn’t as powerful as I had been used to … ironing had become labourious again.

Reading through it’s specs I was rather surprised at just how powerful this thing was.

1.8L tank, Lock System Clip, Anti-Calc Cleaner, Retractable Power Cord
  • 120g/min continuous, 220g/min turbo steam
  • 5.5 bars pressure
  • Eco setting for energy saving
  • Autoclean soleplate
  • Removable 1.8L water tank capacity – extra large
  • Unique lock system for safety and easy transport
  • Fast heat up (2mins), refill during ironing
  • Auto shut off, automatic electrical cord rewind & steam cord storage plus Ultracord system
  • Power: 2200W

Now, as a techno-junkie I know that no matter what’s on paper, the real test is putting it to its use.  So I set it up and got going on a few bits and pieces, business shirts, school uniforms etc.  I set it to the upper medium heat and eco steam, it simply breezed through it all, including a hanging steam.  My ironing was done quickly, with a great finish.

Now for my Pro & Con lists…


Autoclean Soleplate
  • Great steam pressure
  • Steam button in a more intuitive place (the underside of the handle)
  • Large water tank, 1.8L, which is removable to refill while the unit is still on.
  • Retractable power cord
  • Storage space for steam cord
  • Nice point on the iron unit
  • Locking system so you can lift the entire unit by the iron
  • Auto shut off


  • Power cord is only 2m long
  • Weight of the steam cord can make the iron feel heavier than it is
  • Generator and iron unit can get quite hot

One thing I would have liked to have seen is a post to hold the steam cord up over the ironing board, rather than let it just hang.  It would alleviate the apparent weight of the iron unit.  I think I’m going to have to find one to attach to the ironing board.

Having owned a steam station style iron before, it was good to have that previous knowledge to know what I should expect from this device.  The Tefal unit, in my opinion, has operated far better than my last steam station.  It’s more powerful and a little over half the price of my previous unit.  It’s by no means an inexpensive iron, but if you have a larger family, or a lot of dress/business clothes to look after, then the investment may well be worth it.

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