Product Review – Jean’s Color Direct Hair Colouring

Product Review – Jean’s Color Direct Hair Colouring

It’s no secret that I dye my hair.  I do it often in fact.  Lately, though, I’ve been more concerned with how my hair reacts to constant chemical torture, and whilst I have been shampoo free for about 12 months now (I use a mixture of bi-carb and conditioner to wash my hair), colouring every 6 weeks was doing me no favours.

Sure, I could just let it grow out.. but let’s be honest.. I tried that once and got bored.

So I was on the hunt for something that I could use to colour my hair that was a non-permanent or a “direct colour” option that was a similar colour to the dye that my hairdresser was using.  Not as easy as you might think.  I didn’t want to use a semi, as there is still a 6% peroxide in there to make the colour stick, but not strong enough to strip natural colour from your hair.  The supermarket “rinse” colours were just not quite right since I’d had my hair dyed to a violet red colour (and most of them now seem to contain macadamia oil, which is out due to my sons allergies).

I have long wanted to try the Manic Panic colours, but they’re not easy to get in Australia.  My friend Lisa had found one that was similar, and while they don’t have the range of colour, it’s easier to get (my local Hair Attack store has it) and it’s cheaper too.  I find a good coverage will last me about 2-3 weeks before I really NEED to do it again, and each bottle will do about 4-5 applications.  Which is perfect timing for me for in between hair dresser visits.

Jean's ColorThe brand is Jean’s Color, and I’m using Deep Red.  Even over my regrowth it is quite vibrant, and I may (eventually) even use it as a method to grow out the permanently dyed hair.  I have thought about using some of the other colours too.  Whether blended with the Deep Red for a variant, or just by itself for something different.  I am enamoured with trying the Purple … just because I can.

Color PalleteApplication is different to standard hair dyes, as the longer you leave it on, the more vibrant it is.  So I coat my roots and leave it for about an hour, then add more to the lengths of my hair and wrap it in cling wrap and leave it for … well… I get to doing other things and wash it out around 2-4 hours later.  You definitely need gloves to apply this colourant.

It is fragranced, but smells like a mixture of fruit and flowers, so it’s not unpleasant, and I don’t seem to have any reactions to it, which is awesome.  I like how easy it is to apply (but make sure you’re wearing gloves to put it on), and the cost is very reasonable at around $17 per bottle for 4-5 applications per bottle.

Verdict: An affordable way to give your hair some really fun colour, whether you bleach it first for a real shock of colour, or over undyed hair as a overtone of vibrancy. I will definitely continue to use it.

**Products for this review have been purchased by me for personal use

7 thoughts on “Product Review – Jean’s Color Direct Hair Colouring

  1. You say a bottle lasts you 4/5 applications, but how long is your hair? I’m currently researching affordable hair dye but as my hair is long (6/7 inches below my shoulders) this is proving to be challenging.

    1. My hair is about 3″ past my shoulders, so not as long as yours. My hair is also somewhat fine. If your hair is thicker and longer, than it probably would only do 2-3 applications if you were careful with it.

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