Christmas 2011 Wrap Up

Christmas 2011 Wrap Up

I usually post about what gifts I’ve made at for Christmas.  The plain fact is that this year, I didn’t make any.  We bought gifts this year, which was so much less stressful!  I may make gifts for next year, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Junior Navy Bendigo Yarn

I did, however, receive some wonderful things this year that I think deserves some air time.

My husbands extended family bought me the yarn for my 2012 projects, which was superbly awesome.  Bendigo Luxury in Junior Navy in both DK and Fingering weight (8ply and 4ply), with enough yardage for my cardi, hat and gloves.

big_book_of_knitted_monstersI also got Rebecca Danger’s Monster book!  So excited!  I may have enough left to make myself a matching monster.  I enjoyed making her Hippo so much that I see monsters scattered throughout my house in the future.


blindsideMy husband did really well this year.  There’s usually a time of anxiety prior to Christmas when he tries to surprise me, to which the normal answer is for me to choose my gifts instead.  This year, he went and bought me something anyway. And there it sat, under the tree for almost a week.  In different wrapping paper, so it was like a big flashing sign saying “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM!!!”.  Luckily for me (and for him), I DID love it.  One of my favourite movies, The Blind Side, on Blu Ray.

Bag of AwesomesauceSo as not to break a long standing tradition, however, I did find myself in need of a new bag by Christmas, and I wasn’t going to get the Bag of Holding that I wanted due to exorbitant shipping fees (and the fact it wouldn’t have arrived by Christmas.. plus the husband already has one, so it would be wierd).  I actually found something a couple of days before Christmas, which ticked all the boxes.  It’s big enough for my phone, tablet, wallet, keys, makeup, knitting, waterbottle and a sandwich.  It’s canvas and neutral coloured (and kind of looks like the little sister to the Bag of Holding).  It has lots of pockets, internal and external, so it also fits my son’s medications if I need to carry them.  It is awesome.

My In-Laws have said they will forgo a Christmas gift for me this year to help me get the spinning wheel I want for my Birthday in February.. YAY!  I also got some money from my parents to put towards this.

I think all in all I did very well this year, I love everything and appreciate that the people in my life have been so thoughtful.

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  1. Glad you had a relaxing Christmas, and nice to speak with you. Have fun at Opera in the Park, say Hi to Kris and Fiona for me.

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