Well, What Can I Say?

Well, What Can I Say?

I seem to ebb and flow with my posting, don’t I?  I’ll be happily posting away, and then life throws me a curve ball and everything, especially my blog, suffers.

I have been busy, with preparations for Christmas, wrapping up my son’s school year and generally keeping my head above the proverbial  water.

Star by BexreindeerornamentI have been to a Not-Quite-High-Tea with a group of Sydney knitters, at which we had an ornament swap. I made a hyperbolic ball and a cross stitched reindeer ornament, which Lyn happened to choose. I picked up a gorgeous knitted star made by the awesomesauce Bex. It has pride of place on our little tree.

I have revisited my holiday season knitting, and the lace shawl isn’t happening right now. I have decided, instead, to continue my Nuvem shawl, as it’s easy and I really don’t have to think about it. Plus it’s red….

Tree 2011

My friend Lisa and I did a mini present swap for Christmas, too. The idea was that we’d spend around $20 on 1 metre of quilting fabric to send to each other to make a bag or something out of it. Lisa (and her son) made a great choice for me. I LOVE IT! I wasn’t so lucky with finding fabric that was perfect for her. I *did* find something else that was awesome. Lisa is a bit of a Tim Burton fangirl, and we have a great figurine shop not too far away that happened to have the ideal gift. A Jack Skellington dressed as Santa figurine set. JACKPOT. Total bonus is that she loves it.

Here is our humble tree.  We have two, one is 5 foot, and this one is a tiny 3 foot one.  Just big enough for a side table in the loungeroom.  Perfect for when we don’t really have the room to put up the bigger one.  Poor thing is more gifts than actual tree.  And yes, we have a tree tree-topper.  Stick one of the globes of the fairy lights in it and it glows.  I’d like to have more hand made ornaments, and who knows… maybe next year I will.

Apart from that, it’s been life as usual.  I hope to have more to blog about soon, but I know that next year will bring lots of projects and many more posts.

From my family to yours, have a marvelous holiday season.  Stay safe and be good to each other.

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