Nov 072011

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and I have a bit to catch you all up on… but this was linked to me this morning and I HAVE to share it!

I love making my own bias tape, rather than buying it, as I know it will match my project just the way I want it to.  However, the folding and ironing of the tape is a tedious job that I don’t much enjoy.  I’ve tried the metal “bias makers” in the past and have varied results from awful to “not touching that again ever”.

The Scientific Seamstress, however, has figured out a way to make this process much easier with a free printable!  Comes in 2 sizes, for 0.5″ single fold tape and 1″ single fold tape.  She also has a great tutorial on how to cut bias strips.

Now I’m kind of itching to make some bias tape………..

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