You’re Knitting a WHAT?

You’re Knitting a WHAT?

A quilt.

Yes, I have lost my mind… why do you ask?

This is another one of those occasions where I see a pattern and go “OMGIHAVETOKNITITNOWORI’LLDIE” moments.

Stephanie Dosen, who is Tiny Owl Knits, has created this adorable (not to mention UBER portable) pattern, which forms a complete, soft, smooshy, puffy “quilt”.

I am not thinking about this project as a ‘finished’ item, but more of I have something small and portable that will contribute to something larger at a later point in time.  It’d be nice to have this gallumping great smooshy quilt to snuggle under for next winter.

It’s a good thing this pattern was brought to my attention, really.  Because I have NO social knitting.  Anything that requires more concentration than a fleeting glance, and I will screw it up.  So this is no more than 20 stitches at a time, and nothing more difficult than an SSK.  YAY!  It also is a very tiny, one at a time project, so takes up even less room in my bag than a pair of mitts or a pair of socks.  And finally, I will get to use all that sock yarn to actually make something!  As much as I like the IDEA of hand knitted socks, I really don’t think that I’m a ‘sock knitter’ as such.  So I’m hoping in inject my stash with some trades and swaps with other knitters who are also BeeKeeper’ing.

It was a really handy project to have with me this past week, actually.  My son & I spent 2 nights in hospital after an asthma episode, and having something small to do, that was somewhat mindless, but kept me busy totally stopped me from going a bit nuts.

So, if you are a knitter and have any sock yarn scraps, or machine washable 4ply that is not busy, and would like to donate it to my quilt, that would be several kinds of awesome!  Or if you too are knitting this quilt, and would like to trade yarn, or puffs, that’d be awesome too!


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