Swatching for Lace? Really?

Swatching for Lace? Really?

Yes!  I am actually swatching for a lace shawl/cape.

I usually don’t bother with accessories like this, but in this case, there’ll be a lot of time invested, what with 6000 (give or take) beads.  I also want to see how wide each of the sections are, because I’m thinking of adding a couple to make it more like a cape.

I am knitting the swatch out of another laceweight I have, and I’ll knit two seperate segments, then graft them at the top, so I’ll have a pretty lace scarf as well.  No beads on this one though, as I didn’t think to get any for a swatch.  I really wanted more to gauge size than drape, because there’s no point in having a gigantic cape that I’ll never wear, or one too small that it looks ridiculous.


So far the pattern isn’t too difficult, and I can envisage how the beads will look … PRETTY!



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