I Simply Cannot Resist!

I Simply Cannot Resist!

Once in a while, I’ll come across something that


It doesn’t happen often, which makes it special.

Nouveau Beaded Capelet is such a pattern.

It is a wonderful lace pattern, which isn’t overly floral or leafy.  It has a great shape, and is knit from the bottom up.

I will be using some Jaggerspun Merino/Silk yarn, which was given to me by Sally, who had bought a cone, and used it for two whole projects, with half a cone still left.  She got sick of it and I had expressed interest.  I’m very fortunate to have such generous friends.

Given my situation with allergies in this house, I decided it was best if I give the yarn a wash first.  It was a good thing I did too!


I have never used this yarn before, so I had no idea it would bleed this much.  Thankfully that’s all in the sink, and not on my hands and needles.  So now, I have time to get further on my Clockwork while this yarn dries.




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