Tick Tock – warning: knitting content inside…

Tick Tock – warning: knitting content inside…

My bithday was WAY back in February, and one of the awesome gifts I recieved from my wonderful friends was a Stephen West pattern for a scarf.  It’s called Clockwork, it was designed for the Sanguine Gryphon’s steampunk range.


One thing I love about Stephen West designs is they’re very structural.  There’s always something that makes it interesting to knit, and gorgeous to wear.  What I love about Clockwork is that it’s knit from the long side, is mostly garter stitch and has just enough interest (with the changing of colours, a few increases and some slip stitches) so that it makes good TV/Movie knitting without being boring.

Unfortunately I don’t have any Sanguine Gryphon yarn to make this in, so I did a big stash dive and came out with these two blues.  A pale solid which is Opal sock yarn, and a lovely deeper variegated blue which is Patonyle.  There is enough of a contrast between them that the slipped bars stand out, but not so contrasted that all you see is the contrast.  (I think that makes more sense in my head than it does typed out).  The other good thing about this combo, is when the scarf is done, it will be able to be worn by me, my Husband or my Son.  Yay for unisex knits!  I have a small feeling I may even lose this permanently to The Husband.. but that’s ok, I can always knit another one.


The only change I’ve made is I’m using 3mm needles, rather than the 3.75, mostly because my knitting is fairly loose.  Not that gauge matters much with a scarf, as long as it wraps around, right?  Plus, if it’s too small for The Husband, I can put it on The Son.. hahahahaha.

Whilst I like my shawls lacy, I do like my scarves interesting in colour and texture.  I think that Stephen’s other (new) design “Spectra” may be in my somewhat immediate future.

2 thoughts on “Tick Tock – warning: knitting content inside…

  1. oooh, looking lovely so far. I’m just finishing up one of these for my boyfriend. I think I’ve got about 400 stitches on my needles at the moment – something to look forward to 😀

    1. I wish you hadn’t told me that.. 😛 LOL.. but yes.. given it’s garter stitch, I probably won’t even notice it 😀

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