Finished Project! – Beaded Cuff

Finished Project! – Beaded Cuff

Finally!  A completed project!



About two years ago, I bought a kit from one of the craft shows (I can’t even remember which one), for a beaded cuff.  Simple lattice pattern, with two different coloured beads.  WHY oh why then did it take me two years to complete?

I didn’t start it straight away, I think I only opened it up about 6 months ago.  But like most of my other projects it gets started, and then gets the “I’ll finish it later” curse.

I am determined, however, to plough through some of my smaller WIP’s.  This was the closest to being finished, so I thought I’d start with it.  You know, get the sense of completion, and then keep it going!  Tomorrow, I’m hoping to finish off those darned blue trousers.


I’m really happy with it, and think I will try making one in another colour combination.

Hooray for finished projects!

3 thoughts on “Finished Project! – Beaded Cuff

  1. Purty 🙂

    I keep buying cute kits and things at the craft fair and never getting to them. You have reminded me that I do have some lovely ones to make up.

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