I’m about to Disappear in a cloud of Fibre

I’m about to Disappear in a cloud of Fibre

We are mere days away from the 2011 Tour de France, during this epic bike race there are other events that coincide with it.  Namely, the Tour de Fleece.

Last year I made my first attempt and failed miserably.  I figure after my two big spinning ‘wins’ this year so far (Hawkesbury Spinning Comp and my first Back to Back), I’ll jump in again and give it a go.

This year, I plan to finish what I started last year!  That equates to about 180g of cobweb singles to 2ply into a laceweight of phenomenal length.  I’ve cleaned off the wheel in preperation, and I will get the fibre out and get it ready to go between now and July 2nd.

I will need to spin about 15g per day, to give me time to ply as well.

I’m pumped for the Tour de Fleece 2011!


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