One thought on “Monday night spinning. Silk on the Spindolyn. #WISRN

  1. Hello,
    I’ve just come across your site, as I’m waiting for my spindolyn to arrive any day now. I would be interested to know how happy you are with your spindolyn & how well it works with silk. My is a concerto, so probably not the best for that purpose, but we’ll see. It’s all a new learning curve for me, as I have an Ertoel Roberta electronic, having difficulties treadling on most wheels.
    I’m looking forward to trying out your knitting patterns.
    Well done, with your site, it’s very interesting.
    Be careful with the hair dyes, though, even one that you have used regularly can suddenly cause allergies and/ or sudden hair loss.
    I used to buy the professional stuff at HairHouse Warehouse, they were always great with advice too. I don’t bother any more as I’m retired & the grey’s ok now. ( good kudos :). Have fun with your hairstyles, they’re interesting.
    I Love swing music too, my favourite in the car.

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