Unexpected Down Time

Unexpected Down Time

I haven’t blogged in almost a month!  I haven’t liked that it’s been that long, in fact, I’ve downright hated it.

The beginning of this year has been rather busy, with The Boy starting pre-school, and my having to adjust my week around it.  So sitting down to try and write coherent and interesting posts has been a bit difficult.  It has, however, given me a chance to really evaluate what I’m trying to accomplish with my blog.

For the most part, it’s a place for me to share, occasionally impart some knowledge, and maybe even inspire.

Given my large range of interests, I’ve found it quite impossible to pigeon hole my blog to a single category. I don’t really want it pigeon holed, so that’s a good thing.

Going forward I’ll be trying a few different formats, some new areas of interest, and hopefully I’ll hit a winner.  Things you can expect to see over the next few months are some more knitting tutorials/videos, updates on craft projects, more vintage wardrobe planning/execution, tech & product reviews and hopefully some event coverages and the like.

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Down Time

  1. Welcome back Tia 🙂

    Always hard when they start school so much to take in and remember. I hope little one gets settled nicely in pre-school for you.. I’m only just catching myself..lol

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