Little Ribbons of Silk

Little Ribbons of Silk

For the longest time I’ve wanted to try ribbon embroidery, but all previous attempts have resulted in tangled ribbons, wonky stitches, cursing and throwing things across the room.

A couple of days ago I was at the Fabric Cave at the Crowle Foundation, where I have visited before for amazing craft bargains (and it all goes to a great cause), I picked up a few bits and pieces.  I bought a small-ish roll of fabric (about 10 or so metres) for some summery dresses and blouses, a ball of sport weight yarn for the Certificate 1 for the Knitters Guild, a cute little compact mirror ‘kit’, an amazing pair of “slip and snip” scissors (better than folded ones) and a ribbon embroidery starter set.

ribbonemb1I was quite keen to get started on the ribbon embroidery, so got myself settled and went through the ‘lessons’ on the pamphlet.  After going through all the stitches at least once, I got quietly confident and decided to jump right in.  I was very naughty and didn’t use a hoop or anything, but decided to take the aida cloth out of the compact mirror kit (that was supposedly destined for a cross stitched teddy bear… uh no), and started stitching.  I took elements from the ‘finished product’ from the starter kit, and made a little floral spray just big enough to adorn the top of the compact mirror.

ribbonemb2The little kit is so nifty, I’m considering going back and buying up what they have to do more!  Don’t you think they’d make pretty gifts?

I have to say, I’m more than pleased with my first proper attempt at an actual piece of ribbon embroidery.  I’m also trying to think of what else I can put it on, as it’s so awesomely vintage looking!  Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Little Ribbons of Silk

    1. That’s what kept me away from it for the LONGEST time! You should just try it! You’re very handy with a needle 😀

  1. I think it looks great! I would love to get a little embroidered piece as a gift. You could make a little pincushion, or some Christmas ornaments or find small frames and make a little cluster to hang on the wall.

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