Retail Therapy is NOT a Myth.

Retail Therapy is NOT a Myth.

The last week has been pretty tough.  The Man got sick, and then The Boy got sick, and then The Boy ended up in hospital for 2 nights, and is now on a 5 day “asthma plan” including anti-biotics.  Needless to say that I got no sleep on night 1, and very broken sleep on night 2.  Thankfully last night was much better, and he seems to be improving at a decent rate.  This is just the latest family stress in a string of them over the last few months.

So this has us both a bit stressed, and needing an outlet.  It’s not often we get to do some guilt free spoiling of ourselves, so we bought a few new DVD’s for us and The Boy.  I also decided to feed some of my glamour wants in the process.

I have new lip gloss, shoes, a couple of nail polishes, new lipstick and some makeup.

violahushpuppyRealistically, the only thing I NEEDED was the shoes.  And they’re super cute. They’re low wedges, very comfortable, but I can easily wear them with a skirt or dress.  My body isn’t ready for heels yet, so finding cute low shoes that aren’t ballet flats has been a huge task.  These are by Hush Puppies, and the style is “Viola”.  Apparantly they are “Winter stock”, so finding them in my size has been a challenge.  But it also means they were on sale (WOO!).  Wedges do, however, seem to be en vogue at the moment, so hopefully finding more  during summer won’t be too labourious.

pricelinestuffThe lipgloss and lipstick are both Maybelline Color Sensations.  The gloss is the Creme Gloss in Cranberry Cocktail, wich is an awesome red-pink which is super shiny, but not sticky.  The lipstick is Red Revival, and it’s the perfect pinup red.  I do think, however, I need a good red lip liner.  The nail polishes were a special buy from Priceline.  They’re mini-bottles by Bourjois, one is a blush pink (Soiree a Versailles) and the other is a vibrant purple (Festival a Venise), they were 2 for $5 and so cute, so I had to buy them.  I love matte eyeshadows, so when I saw this soft blush pink from Revlon for $4.95, I had to buy it.  The tube is the Lanolips 101 Ointment, and so far it’s been lip balm, cuticle cream and dry ezcema oinment.  I love it and will continue to use it for as long as it’s available.  I also replenished my “2 minute makeup” foundation, which is the BeneFit Cosmetics “Some Kinda Gorgeous”.

I also nabbed some cute hair clips from Equip with a 3 for 2 sale.  Mostly bows & flowers, which I’ll feature with future hair photos.

Does any of it actually HELP the problems?  No, not really.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy my new pretties.

3 thoughts on “Retail Therapy is NOT a Myth.

  1. I’m not much of an Emelda, but I so agree that the treat of a new lipstick or nail polish is a very good pick-me-up.

    Sorry you had a crap week.


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