Spring Cleaning – Vintage Dresser

Spring Cleaning – Vintage Dresser

Things have gotten so topsy turvy, that a few things have flown under the radar, or fallen behind… or both.

My dresser is one of those things.

I like having a place to sit down and do my hair and makeup, and for a time I had a refurbished (by me) vintage dresser, my parents bought it for me after much begging for one of my birthdays, and I spent a month refinishing it with a layered shellac finish.  It had lots of storage and a lovely large mirror.  I had it for a long time, through moving out of home, finding my husband, and even intovanitybefore married life.

I did, however, give it away in a heartbeat when my Mother, Aunt & Uncles offered me my Grandmothers dresser.  My Grandfather had passed away, and they were clearing out the house so it could be sold.  It has a gorgeous large mirror, that has ‘wings’, and a glass top.  There isn’t as much storage as my old one, but it was my Grandmother’s and I will keep it forever.

The only thing I have done to it is add a piece of Battenburg Lace under the glass top.  I love it.

Unfortunately from time to time it becomes a bit of a dumping ground, and as a part of my Spring Cleaning Tirade it is the third area on my list.  And for the first time on this blog.. here is my dresser!

Shocking huh?

Well, the first thing I did was empty it off, and clean all the glass/mirror areas with a water/vinegar mix for a lovely non-streak shine. Next I assessed exactly what was going back on top.  I love my little jewellery women.. but do I need two?  No, probably not.  Does all the jewellery need to be ‘at hand’, definitely not.  Other things not going back on my dresser, figurines, tarot box, anodised cups (I have other storage sorted out) … etc etc..vanityafterfar


Much better, yes?  (please ignore my unmade, untidy bed in the reflection) I haven’t done the drawers yet, that’s another day.  I also need to clean some of my jewellery.  There is a brush stand to go on there too, and a lovely soft felt pad for my new hand held mirror.  I’m also in desperate need for a stool for this dresser.  Something with storage for my hairdryer would be nice.


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