Mmmm Jelly Jelly Jelly!

Mmmm Jelly Jelly Jelly!

Having a son who has a multitude of food allergies & intolerances, finding fun desserts can be very hard.

We’ve had Tapioca, and given he’s currently off all dairy and dairy substitutes, there are no yoghurts/icecreams etc that he can have.

In come the Jellies!

Yes, I know it’s pretty much sugar and gelatin, and most packet jellies are full of artificial colours and flavours too.  Thank goodness one of the jelly companies did something about it!

They brought out a new line called “Create-a-Jelly“.  It’s basically unflavoured/coloured jelly mix.  You add 200ml of your own flavouring (and they have lots of suggestions for you to try), and you have custom jelly without having to measure gelatin etc.

So I’ve made a couple of different flavours.  Last night I did a quick Lemonade jelly, and this morning I have made two tea infused jellies.  One is Chammomile, which is Boy safe, and one which is T2’s French Earl Grey.  That is Mummy safe… hehe.

I have, in the past made a Pear & Elderflower jelly with this, which was awesome.  And if you want a little tang in your jelly, use soda water!

I’d really like to make a Lavender jelly soon.

3 thoughts on “Mmmm Jelly Jelly Jelly!

  1. Oh that sounds fantastically fun! I’ll have to have a look and see if we can get it here, I’ve never seen them before. Tea jelly sounds like something I could get on board with!

  2. i had red jelly the other night for the first time in ages and it was yummy. another mummy one i had at christmas was nigellas slut red raspberry and champagne jelly! go on, do it!!

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