Tie One On

Tie One On

I love aprons!

Really, I do. I have a few, too. All of which I wear, and all of which I’ve made. Half, bib and pinafores, they all have a use and some are better than others for certain jobs.Pina

Pinafore Apron

Pinafore aprons (or pinnies) are good for just about everything except hostessing. I love pinnies for doing housework, baking and crafting in. Like a pretty “protect-all” for your clothes.  As these tend to be ‘workhorse’ aprons, I prefer to re-purpose my husband’s old business shirts after the collar has gone, than buy pretty new fabric.  I do, however use

some pretty bias to edge the apron and pockets.

Bib Apron

Bib aprons are also good for the above, but have the added bonus of being able to be a little more ‘dressy’. Great for serving up food at a dinner party.

Half Apron

Half aprons are not fantasic clothes protectors, but they are great as extra pockets, as hand wipes, and good for light housework, they can also be really pretty.  I made a great little joey pouch for holding pegs when putting up/getting down laundry.

Unfortunately, like hats, gloves and a number of other things, aprons are now more of a ‘kitsch’ item, than something we don on a daily basis.  But I love them, and will continue to make them and wear them, and soon will do a tutorial on how to turn a business shirt into a pinny.

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