Knitting a Hug

Knitting a Hug

I’m not a garment knitter, I have friends who are garment knitters though.

But lately, I’ve been thinking about what and why I’m knitting.  I enjoy the process of knitting, which is why I always have multiple projects on the go, but with this comes missing out on frequent finished items, and the elation of wearing something that I’ve knit myself.

Currently, I have a wrap, a shawl, socks and a scarf on the needles.  All are “small” projects, each have their own ease and challenges, but none offer truly mindless “TV” knitting.

So yes, I’ve cast on a new project… AND it’s a cardigan!  Yes!  An actual GARMENT!  It’s not my first, I have knit one before (although it wasn’t a complete long term success), but it’s my first since that one.  It’s a top down, seamless, raglan, stocking stitch cardigan.  Blissful, mindless knitting, even if I’m not using a pattern.

For me, this also means that there’ll be moments where I’ll be more enthused to knit something that has more of a challenge.  Lo and behold, I have just the small projects that can satisfy those moments!

At the end of the cardigan, I should have also finished my scarf and shawl.

But I’m really knitting this cardigan to give myself a hug.  When I was younger I had a turtleneck pullover that was oversized, warm and perfect for pulling on when I needed extra warmth and comfort.  I haven’t had another piece of clothing that has been the same for me since I was about 17.  So I wanted a warm, comfy, slightly oversized (but still a little shaped) cardigan that I could pull around me and wrap myself in at those times where I needed a bit of extra warmth and comfort.  A nice wooly, comfy hug for myself.

And let’s face it… it’s not like I didn’t already have the yarn to do it… Haha!!

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