Friday in the Rain

Friday in the Rain

Today I went to Milers Point to check out the venue for our ‘World Wide Knit in Public’ day event next weekend. The weather gods decided that I should feel the force of truly nasty winter weather whilst walking half the distance of the city.

I had planned on doing some city photo-blogging, but there was no WAY I was going to take my camera out in that rain! It also appears that my umbrella is utterly useless. By the time I reached the Abraham Mott Hall (walking from King Street), the inside of my umbrella was wet, my hat and shoulders were wet too. I was too scared to even take my iPhone out to look at Google Maps while walking.

But on the upside, the venue is great, and really not all that far from George Street for walking.

Tonight, however, is a real treat. I’ll be headed BACK into the city to see a special Vivid Event. I’m really looking forward to it!

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