Just a Bit of Everything

Just a Bit of Everything

Just a little catch up.

I have successfully worn makeup at least 5 days out of 7 for the past month. I like to give my skin a breathe, or if I plan on getting sweaty or dirty, I don’t bother, but will face up once I’ve showered afterwards. I’m enjoying my CoverGirl foundation, and the eyeshadows are proving to be very versatile. I’m not getting as much wear out of the lip stain as I thought I would. I really just prefer to throw on a lipstick it seems, and my current ‘every day’ fave is a Natio Lipstick in Spring. I’d like to find the Rush too, just to see it’s potential as a great red.

The red in my hair is fading, so I think while the colour works, it just isn’t holding. I think I’ll be needing a rinse refresh at around 3-4 weeks for the red factor. So I picked one up and I’ll throw that in tomorrow. I’m playing with a few semi-sets, and pinning techniques at the moment, to best take advantage of my natural curl, and the length of my hair. It’s above my shoulders, and there is a huge hole in “how to’s” for shorter vintage hair. So maybe I’ll get a couple of things mastered and do a couple of tutorials myself.

The red on my nails, however, is awesome! I picked up a cheapie polish from a Chemist Warehouse for $2.50. Brand is “Totally Beautiful Nails”, and they are SO right! I am wearing “Raspberries & Cream” and it is just PERFECT! It’s really a vintage style red, but still blue based. Perfect for an every day wear red. It only requires 2 coats for a good coverage, a 3rd gives it a bit of extra deepness of colour. I also picked up a petal pink, black and white (which I think will be a sheerer colour), and I’m considering going back and getting some more for that price.

I’ve started back at dance classes on Tuesday nights with Issy. It’s been good to get back and get my face seen around again. Probably won’t start up social outings until after Easter, but it’s good to see some of the old faces at class, too.

Not much happening on the clothing front. I’m dealing with wardrobe the best I can with what I have. I did pick up a new pattern for a plain winter dress. Nothing fancy, just something that will be easy to make, and easy to wear. I hope to get a fitting for that done before it gets too cold, because that takes the longest. It’s not a very ‘vintage’ dress (well.. it could be channeling some 70’s vibes), but it will be comfortable, stylish and a dress…

Also, now that it’s starting to cool down on the occasional day, I’m going to get my walking shoes back on and start hitting that pavement! I really enjoy walking by myself, with music or an audio book, just getting out there and not having to think about … well, anything.

That’s pretty much it, really.

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