“Stylish Mums on the Run” – Today Morning Show

“Stylish Mums on the Run” – Today Morning Show

The Mister, of all people, alerted me to this segment that was on the Today Morning Show this morning.

This is not a new debate.  Melbourne Fashion Blogger, Super Kawaii Mama, delved into this subject last September from the point of view that it only matters if you make it matter.

What gets me, is that there are some mothers paying a consultant $150 an hour to find out what they “should” wear!!  Really?  $150??  Surely there are better things to be spending your money on?  Like a new pair of shoes?? (tongue in cheek there)

Apparantly there are only three pigeon holed groups you can belong to.  The chic & stylish “Yummy” mummy, the crisp & smart “Sporty” mummy, or the Tracky Dacker “Slummy” mummy… C’mon.. are we in high school here?  Surely at our age we should be beyond “I look, like, SOOOO much hotter than… y’know.. you”.

If you want to get glammed in the morning, do it … FOR YOURSELF… if you just aren’t able to pull anything together and love your jeans/trackies and comfy Tee .. DO IT!  Who cares what you’re wearing?  I don’t care what you’re wearing .. I have enough to worry about caring about what I dress my family in.

2 thoughts on ““Stylish Mums on the Run” – Today Morning Show

  1. Seriously. I’ll be the first to admit that I read your posts about makeup and manicures with the fascination of a David Attenborough documentary about a newly-discovered species, Tia. It’s something I find interesting, but not really anything I see being a part of my daily thought process. But I love that YOU love it, and I love that you’d never judge somebody else for not having the same interests. It’s fun to be different!

    1. I love that we’re different. I think if all my friends were into exactly everything that I was, I’d get utterly bored.

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