It’s not Prudent to Change Everything Right NOW.

It’s not Prudent to Change Everything Right NOW.

One thing that I haven’t blogged about so far on my journey is about clothes and the like.  Mainly because I haven’t started re-populating it yet.  Why?  Because it can be an expensive exercise, or at the very least, a time consuming one.

I’m not a fashion blogger, I’m certainly in no position to be.  I’m overweight, and under supply in the fashion department.  I do tend to prefer to maky my own clothes, but I’m not really doing any of that at the moment, due to the fact that THIS size isn’t what I want to dress.  So I’m satisfying myself with my makeup, hair and nails until such a time as I want to start actively working on what I’m wearing.

So what is “my preferred style”?  Well, I’m a little ecclectic, but I have a Polyvore set that will help you see the things I really like.  Can be anything from cute and funky, to elegant black tie.  Everything that I love does have a vintage feel or twist to it though.

All a bit different, and I love them all. There are more in my Polyvore set, and I go in and play with ‘dream looks’ when I get a chance.

Why don’t I dress like this now?  Because it doesn’t look any good on me right now.  And I would feel like proverbial mutton if I tried to pull anything like this off at the moment.

I will get my opportunity to dress the way I want, just not yet.  But that’s ok.  When I start reaching the weight/size that I am feeling I could be happy with, then I’ll whip out the machine and get cracking on some new looks.

But for right now, I wear what I have, and I make the best of what I’ve got.

One thought on “It’s not Prudent to Change Everything Right NOW.

  1. I love these sets, especially the red suspender skirt! There is nothing here I would not wear.
    I sympathise with your feelings though and have gone through much the same thing myself a few times, both struggling with circumstances and weight in the past. Just trust yourself and realise that what these outfits represent is the you that is on the inside, not any kind of you that needs to be more perfect. Take the plunge and feel the joy. 🙂

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