A Hidden Gem!

A Hidden Gem!

For the people in the know, the Crowle Foundation not only does great charity work and support for mentally disabled people, but part of their fundraising efforts is the selling of donated craft and sewing supplies!

I made my first trip over there last Friday and came away with a single piece of fabric for a future bag project for $4.80.  I went over there today and came back with lining fabric for said bag project, cotton fabric for a couple of [singlepic id=35 w=280 h= mode=watermark float=left]aprons, 3 teddy bear patterns, a dozen varied zippers, bag handles for a different bag and a skein of Naturally Sensations!  I came away spending only $26!

So you get a great bargain, PLUS the feel good sensation of knowing that the money you spend goes directly to the foundation.  I will certainly be making it my first stop shop for future projects.  There are just so many treasures to be uncovered!

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