A Negative Year Ahead

A Negative Year Ahead

I have stash issues.

No, really.  A lot of stash.  I have a big Yarn, Fibre and Fabric stash.  And I think 2010 needs to see it reduce to almost a project by project level (with a few pets).  If for no other reason than I’m running out of storage space.

My aim is by the end of February I’ll have taken a full inventory (of what I can find) and will do a tally at the end of each month thereafter as to what I’ve used and bought with a running total.

I’ve seen some of my fellow bloggers do this with their yarn stash, and I thought it would be a great way to help me keep a check on what I have, make sure I use what I have got already, and that I don’t double up on things I don’t really need.

It will also drive me to use what I have, and destash what I don’t see myself using in 48 months.  I don’t churn out enough stuff to say 6 or 12 months, so I figured 48 was a good time frame for me.

So at the end of each month, I should have used more Yarn, Fibre or Fabric than I have purchased (which shouldn’t be too hard….. I hope).

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