From the Kindness of Strangers

From the Kindness of Strangers

Around a month ago, on a forum that I am a member of, someone put a $100 gift voucher from Zu shoes up for grabs.  Lucky me was the first in!  So tonight I went shopping for a new pair of shoes for me.  I wanted something a little dressy, and not one of the high heels that are currently in fashion (WAY too high for me, especially for my current weight).

[singlepic id=2 w=200 float=right]So the idea was to find a pretty pair of dressy flats, as it seemed that they had flats or tower heels.

So off we trotted to the Chatswood Zu store.  And after trying on EVERY ballet flat they had, only to find they all made my feet look like planks of wood.  I almost gave up and bought a huge handbag that I didn’t really need when my darling husband found a great little pair of patent black peep toe court shoes.

Cute huh??  So the plan was then patent leather peeps and a matchey handbag, which was VERY cute.

[singlepic id=3 w=240 float=left]However… I then caught a flash of red in a peep toe court shoe… The same style in red!  Not patent, but RED!  YAY

So now I have TWO new pair of shoes (I love sales!!)!  All thanks to the kindness of someone I know only through a social forum.  THANK YOU!!

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