Ms Greer, Kindly Go and S***w Yourself.

Ms Greer, Kindly Go and S***w Yourself.

This article written by Germain Greer is espouting how handmade gifts for the holiday season should be avoided as it is an imposition to the receiver.


No, knitting is not as easy for some as it is for others. Yes, there are some horrid gifts given in the spirit of being handmade, but do come from an effort of trying and love. No, I wouldn’t give someone an item that I wouldn’t keep for myself. And no, I don’t spend less time on gifts for others than I would if I was making it for myself.

I think the art of giving gifts has been lost in our increasing want for the new and shiny.  Why is the love and thought behind a gift no longer important?  Why must it be the fastest, shiniest, newest, smallest, largest, latest there is?

I, for one, am not a fan of “Giftmas” (a name I’ve picked up off a friend), at the best of times.  I think there is too much pressure put on us to give fabulous gifts, and not enough thought about just spending time with the people we love.

I do enjoy, however, finding gifts to make my for family where possible.  Because the time spent making them is important to me, and it’s time I spend thinking about my family, even when I’m not physically able to be with them.

So Ms Greer, handmade gifts may not be for you, but please don’t try and poop on everyone who both enjoy giving and receiving them just because you lucked out.

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